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Our Story 

Ciprani Consulting was launched out of Linzee Ciprani’s home shortly after she left a position managing one of the top real estate teams in Pennsylvania (2014).  Ciprani Consulting was quickly born once several successful local businesses sought Linzee’s help in hiring and training their next administrative assistant. The team at Ciprani Consulting has now successfully hired, trained, consulted, and coached for team members at all levels of an organization, from leadership to sales and support. We are excited to help you find and train your next talented team member.

Linzee Ciprani

Owner, CEO, Visionary

Linzee has been building businesses since 2009, when she started in the real estate industry. Since that day, she has grown her own Keller Williams real estate team, along with Ciprani Consulting and other businesses. Linzee is a master of creating systems, implementing procedures, and seeing how to improve the way things are done. She’s helped countless agents, teams, and businesses rise to the next level and improve how they functioned. When she’s not starting a new business, Linzee enjoys exploring the outdoors with her daughters, watching romcoms, and cooking healthy meals. 

Steve Ciprani

Owner, Sales, Relationship Manager

Steve Ciprani has been involved with Ciprani Consulting from that start, transitioning to it full time in 2019. Previously, he worked as an educator in his local school district, focusing on teaching Latin. Steve has a passion for helping others grow through education, training, and coaching. In his free time, Steve enjoys making pasta with his family, running through his hometown, and exploring dead languages. 

Meet the Team




Talent seekers

Passionate about helping others and finding good fit

Focusing on doing the job right and not just crossing the finish line

Helping people find their needs, strengths, and dreams

Redefining the term “recruiter”

Allyssia Cullen 

Recruiter, Admin, Behind The Scenes Catch All

Allyssia (Lyssi) Cullen joined the Ciprani Consulting team in 2017. She has a background in administration, operations, and being the “go-to” person to keep things running. Lyssi’s specialty is finding task-oriented admins who get the job done. She focuses on crossing all the Ts and dotting all the Is. In her spare time, she enjoys cuddling with her cat, cross stitching, and adventuring with her husband Chris.

Samantha Ferraro 

Recruiter, Cheerleader, Helpful Hand

Samantha (Sam) Ferraro joined the Ciprani Consulting team in 2018. With a background in customer service, Sam has a knack for finding those with a servant's heart to be the right support person for your team. On her days off, you can find Sam writing while drinking a good cup of coffee, creating the ultimate road trip playlist, or foraging the thrift shop with friends for the ultimate treasure.

Ryan Dosen

Consultant, Training Guru, Admin Whisperer

Ryan Dosen is a business coach and consultant, leveraging expertise and a diverse background in law, real estate, recruiting, and more. Since joining in 2017, Ryan has played an integral role in growing Ciprani Consulting into the consulting and recruiting powerhouse that it is today. Ryan's world revolves around his wife and 3 kids, and he also enjoys fishing and cheering on the Miami Hurricanes' sports teams.

Jake Dreyfuss

Consultant, Process Slayer and KING of the Colorado Mts

Since 2003 Jake has overseen over $1Billion in real estate transactions in DC, MD, VA & most recently in PA where he was CEO of The PhillyLiving Team at Keller Williams. In the past 5 years Jake scaled the PhillyLiving business from $75 Million to almost $300 Million. In taking time to reflect upon what enabled the team to grow and thrive, Jake realized that the success of his business was directly related to the ability of the leadership team to take strategic risks in order to be able to position the business in a category of it's own! This sent Jake on a mission to become an expert strategist in order to help other businesses grow and thrive. Jake is proud and honored to be one of the first "Fix This Next" Certified Advisors on the planet!

Jake is passionate about working with driven, vulnerable leaders who first seek to understand before wanting to be understood. During your sessions with Jake he will ensure that all of your business' current blind spots are identified and that you have a clear plan to achieve your goals! Outside of work you will find Jake being trained by Roger at Lone Tree Crossfit, on his road bike exploring the Rocky Mountains or hanging out with his wife and daughters.

Lawrence Regacho

Assistant Recruiter, Administrative Support, Positivity Influencer

Lawrence works with our recruiters to help find amazing talent. He provides background support and an extra set of eyes where our recruiters need it most. When he's not sorting resumes or bringing the cheer, Lawrence enjoys cooking for his family, playing billiards, or reading a good book. 

Linda Roque

Assistant Recruiter, Administrative Support, Bringer of Cheer

Linda supports our recruiters in finding amazing talent. She assists with screening, interviewing, and general administrative support. In her free time, Linda loves to let her creative spirit run free through writing and drawing.

Lyndsay Ting

Assistant Recruiter, Administrative Support, Rockstar Box Checker

Lyndsay (Si) supports our recruiters in finding amazing talent. She assists with screening, interviewing, and general administrative support. In her free time, Lyndsay loves to watch Crime Documentaries, has an affinity for personality development, and discovers new restaurants in her area.

Jason Conner 

Independent Recruiter, Multibusiness Manager, Philadelphia Advocator

Jason Conner, Co-Founder and CEO for Conveyance Pros, has called Philadelphia home for nearly a decade. He finds fulfillment in his involvement with local non profits, community advocacy groups, and business development groups such as; the Chamber of Commerce, the Independence Business Alliance, and the Greater Philadelphia Association of Realtors. He has been named a Top Agent in the Philadelphia area, is a two time Cultural Icon Award recipient, and has received hundreds of 5 star reviews from satisfied clients.‚Äč

Wiaan DeBeer 

Producer, Director, Magic Maker

Wiaan is one of our strategic thinkers who takes responsibility for the operational implementation of our training courses. When he's not being creative with a camera and editing software, he'll happily go shoot some hoops or get in a game of tennis. If that's too active for you, Wiaan's also happy to go grab a bite and watch a movie.

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What We Stand For 

Our Mission 

To CREATE opportunity...

  • Coach talent
  • Recruit talent
  • Empower talent
  • Advocate for talent
  • Train talent
  • Employ talent


Our Beliefs

  • God, Family, and Business, in that order.
  • Be Trustworthy.
  • Train with the end result in mind. 
  • Give locally, nationally, and globally. 
  • Leave a legacy. 

Our Values

  • Hungry
  • Humble
  • Fun
  • Smart
  • Creative
  • Honesty
  • Integrity