Why You Should Hire a Recruiter for Your Next Hire


Linzee Ciprani explains why you should hire a Recruiter for your next hire instead of doing it all on your own. Watch now! 

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Why Patrick Used Ciprani Consulting


A client testimony of how our services can help in hiring and consulting.  

Today we’re sitting down with Patrick of Birdhome Real Estate and his new hire Cody to hear why they chose Ciprani Consulting and how their experience has been.


Cited below for your convenience are timestamps that will direct you to various points in the video. Feel free to watch the full message or use these timestamps to browse specific topics at your leisure:


0:00 — Why Patrick chose to use Ciprani Consulting

0:50 — How the hiring process works

1:40 — Cody’s interview process

4:00 — Deciding to hire Cody

7:50 — Cody’s experience with Ciprani Consulting

9:50 — Templates to make things easier for new hires

11:00 — How has the business changed?

11:50 — Wrapping up


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via phone or email. We’d love to help you.



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How We Helped Nancy Haas Find and Train Sarah Crake



A client testimony of how our services can help in hiring and consulting.

We are so grateful to be able to help our wonderful clients, and Nancy Haas is no exception! We recently helped her hire Sarah Crake, and the results turned out wonderfully. We brought in both of them to explain the process from their perspectives and explain why they chose us. We hope this testimony is helpful! 


You can hear the full interview by watching the video above or skip to individual topics using the timestamps below: 

0:00 — Introducing the topic and answering: What brought you to Ciprani Consulting? 

1:40 — How to decide between full-time and part-time employment 

2:07 — What helped Nancy decide who the right person was 

3:50 — How Sarah felt about the process as the person being hired 

6:53 — What Sarah thought when she met Nancy and how the process helped 

7:50 — How the consulting program went for them...

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We Can Help You Hire Better With Less Effort



  How both Adam and Monica felt about our thorough hiring process.

Hiring takes a lot of time to do right. Adam kept putting off hiring because he never felt like he had enough time. In the end, he decided to work with us to find his new hire, Monica, and today we sat down with both of them to hear what they thought about the process.

You can watch the full video above or skip to each section using the timestamps provided:

0:00 — Introducing today’s topic

0:10 — Hiring and training take a long time to do right

1:14 — How Monica felt about the interview process

2:17 — The process brought the right candidates to the front

3:39 — We were leverage for Adam

4:47 — Our process helped Monica make the best decision for her

5:48 — How our training is helping Monica

7:08 — Adam appreciates the ideas in our training

8:47 — Would Adam work with us again?

9:18 — Wrapping up

If you have any questions or want...

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How Ciprani Helped John and Chuck Hire Better


 John’s, Chuck’s, and Koya’s experience with our hiring process.

Today we’ll talk with John and Chuck, who recently worked with us to hire Koya! They had a wonderful experience with Ciprani Consulting, and we wanted to share their insights with you today.


John and Chuck, why did you decide to work with Ciprani Consulting?

You were referred to us by our coach. We were looking for a way to expedite the hiring process, and that’s what we found with you. Here at Keller Williams, we have a specific hiring process, and Ciprani helped us augment and shortcut that process a bit. 


Koya, what was the experience like for you?

It was awesome! I enjoyed working with Ryan—he was thorough, and everyone at Ciprani focuses on excellence. At first, I was a bit sad that I wouldn’t be working with Bridgett, but when I met Ryan, I realized we were still in good hands. The training helped teach me and...

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We Can Help You Hire Smarter

                                How we made it easy for Capri to hire the perfect person for the job.


You have to hire if you want to run a successful business, but hiring people by yourself takes time, and you never know who you will to get. If you’re uncertain about the hiring process, you might be in the same position as Capri, a recent client of ours. She tried hiring by herself, but it never quite worked out. When she hired us, we earned every dollar she spent on us. How else did we help, and what did she think of the whole process?

You can watch the full video above or skip to each section using the timestamps provided:

0:00 — Introducing today’s topic

0:12 — What didn’t work for Capri hiring by herself?

1:23 — How we saved her time and energy

2:30 — How we got to know Capri and her business

3:54 — Setting expectations with her at her price...

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Let Us Help You Recruit & Hire

                                We helped Shannon Shue recruit and train a new hire. Here’s her success story.

When Shannon Shue needed to hire someone to fill an open position in her company, she turned to us at Ciprani Consulting. As hiring consultants, we help weed out the less-than-ideal candidates and provide training resources to help the ultimate hire adapt to their new role. Today Shannon and I sat down to discuss how Ciprani Consulting helped smooth out the process and gave her confidence to fill the open role on her team. 

Follow along in the video above or use the timestamps below to navigate our discussion at your leisure:

0:00 — Why Shannon chose Ciprani Consulting to help her hire

1:00 — How she narrowed down her candidates to move forward with the hiring process

2:38 — Why she felt so confident with the hire she eventually made

3:39 — How much...

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Helping a Client Find His Perfect Team Member

                                Matt was struggling to find the right person for the job, so he called us. 

Is the prospect of expanding your team causing you stress? A lot of agents took their businesses to the next level over the last few years and are considering expanding as a result. However, this can be a scary process if you’re used to flying solo. If you feel this way, don't worry—you aren’t alone. Matt Harnick was in the same position in 2021, so he called Ciprani Consulting for help. 


To hear Matt’s full explanation of how we helped him, you can check out the video above or skip to each topic using these timestamps:

0:26 — How Matt knew he needed to expand

0:44 — Matt’s experience with our Career Visioning course

1:40 — Ciprani talks about the inflection point

2:08 — What Michelle shares with Matt and Steve

4:19 —...

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Why Mary Beth Loves Ciprani Consulting

 Here’s what one of our recent clients had to say about working with us.

Today we’re bringing you another success story from one of our great clients. Mary Beth joined us recently to talk about her experience working with Ciprani Consulting.

Previously, she had paid a company to post a few job ads for them. They were looking for a full-time executive assistant, but they found no qualified candidates. Then they were referred to us, and they decided it was time to hire us the experts to help them fill the role.

From the beginning, Mary Beth felt that we were on the ball, and she loved the initial sales and introduction calls. She told us what she was looking for and gave us the traits, characteristics, and ideal description for the role. Then we tweaked the description back and forth until we came up with something great.

We put the job description out everywhere online and gave her weekly reports about how many candidates we received and interviewed. She looked...

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The Problem with the Unsaid

If you’ve ever been a member of a work community, you’ve probably experienced the things that have gone unsaid. These are the unspoken frustrations, the ideas that are never shared, and the thoughts and feelings that get pushed to the wayside for fear of receiving a negative reaction from management or other coworkers. 

The problem with the unsaid lies in the unfulfilled potential and building resentment. When people feel like their ideas aren’t being heard and their annoyances aren’t important, they become disengaged. We’ve talked about lack of engagement in this blog before, but it’s important to reiterate the importance of having a workforce that’s excited and enthusiastic about their day to day activities. Otherwise, the quality of the product or service is likely to drop.

Now if you’re a leader, you might be wondering how to address the unsaid. What would that look like in a meeting? A free-for-all of negativity and harsh...

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