How to Retain Your Star Employees

Welcome to Ciprani Consulting's first vlog on recruitment. This vlog will explore multiple topics related to recruiting and retention. In addition, this video also uses a case study to demonstrate one of the ways in which we will relay content in an engaging and educational way. We’re focused on hiring in the twenty-first century and will post content that demonstrates newer trends in hiring. You'll also notice in this video that you're being offered two points of view. We think that it's important to understand the topic of recruitment and retention from both the employer and employee's point of view. To this end, each vlog has been written by either an employer or an employee. Then the vlog has been handed over to the counterpart to allow him or her to add and amend his or her specific point of view. We hope this will give greater substance and depth to the blog posts. In this case of Death Of A (Real Estate) Salesman, the post was written by Steve Ciprani from...

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