How Ciprani Helped John and Chuck Hire Better


 John’s, Chuck’s, and Koya’s experience with our hiring process.

Today we’ll talk with John and Chuck, who recently worked with us to hire Koya! They had a wonderful experience with Ciprani Consulting, and we wanted to share their insights with you today.


John and Chuck, why did you decide to work with Ciprani Consulting?

You were referred to us by our coach. We were looking for a way to expedite the hiring process, and that’s what we found with you. Here at Keller Williams, we have a specific hiring process, and Ciprani helped us augment and shortcut that process a bit. 


Koya, what was the experience like for you?

It was awesome! I enjoyed working with Ryan—he was thorough, and everyone at Ciprani focuses on excellence. At first, I was a bit sad that I wouldn’t be working with Bridgett, but when I met Ryan, I realized we were still in good hands. The training helped teach me and...

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