The Leader Equation Podcast

Join Linzee Ciprani (CEO of The Linzee Ciprani Team & Ciprani Consulting) and Christy Belt Grossman (CEO of Ops Boss Coaching) for our podcast all about the Entrepreneur- Leader relationship. We chat with Owners, Founders, CEOs, Sales Leaders, COOs, Ops Leaders - both inside real estate and beyond. 


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Here's what we'll be discussing: 

➕What adds to the leadership formula?

➖What subtracts?

➗What divides? 

✖️Most importantly how can YOU multiply your results?

There’s art. There’s science. What works? What doesn’t? Do unicorns exist or are they a figment of your imagination? Is there a model? How do Entrepreneurs find “the one” to partner with? How do “the ones” choose their Visionary? The questions are endless. We will explore it all. Plus. Minus. Divide. Multiply. What’s the formula for success? We call it. . . .The Leader Equation




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