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After posting your job ad, Ciprani Consulting begins a two stage vetting process. We first review and sort hundreds of incoming resumes based on your unique needs and our own criteria for successful hires. From here, we advance candidates to a 15 minute phone screening where we further weigh each candidate’s personality profile, experience, potential and compensation requirements. A candidate deemed a good fit advances to the video interview.


The video interview is a crucial part of our process. We further explore each candidate’s experience, abilities, personality and operating style, but also ask a series of penetrating scenario questions to uncover a candidate’s ability for autonomous problem solving. We select only the best 4-6 candidates for your review, from which you choose your top picks to meet with in person during the live interview.


This interview allows you to connect for the first time in-person with your top candidates. Your recruiter will lead the interview, allowing you to really focus on what your candidates are saying and how they are answering. During the interview, the candidate’s personality assessment will be validated, giving you an inside look into how they handle every day challenges. Your recruiter will also walk each candidate through  the highs, lows and learning experiences from their life. Finally, the motivation component explores the candidate’s priorities, vision and potential future with your company. The live interview concludes with a one-on-one chance for you to ask additional questions and get to know your candidates on a personal level. Once you’ve met with all of your top candidates, you have the opportunity to choose your number one that you want to advance to the final stages of the process.

4. The Expectations interview and reference checks 

We’ve gotten to know the candidate on an individual level, but now it’s time to see what others have to say about them. Your recruiter will request a list of references, both personal and professional, in order to get to know them better. During the reference checks, we will find out how others view the candidate and how they’ve succeeded in the past. We will also attempt to go “three-deep” in reference checks, asking the references who else they might recommend we speak to about the candidate. While the references are being completed, your recruiter will schedule a final interview between you and your top candidate to discuss expectations and final details. You will be provided with a conversation guideline to lead you through this crucial step. The expectations conversation will set you and your potential new hire on a path of successful communication and establish a healthy working relationship to grow from. 

5. The Offer and Beyond

Congratulations, you are ready to make an offer! You’ve made an investment in the future success of your company. But that’s not the end of our involvement - we stay on to ensure the success of your new hire through our training program. We help your new hire hit the ground running and build your business to greater success.

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Hiring Packages

We offer three different hiring packages based on your unique business needs. In addition to step-by-step guidance and support throughout the hiring process by one of our hiring consultants, all three of our hiring packages include the following:

  • Job posting - Your job ad will be posted on various hiring websites for maximum visibility. 
  • Resume sorting - Screening and sorting through your resume database to find the top talent.
  • Video interviews - Recorded videos of potential candidates to better understand their skill sets and personality. DISC assessment is included.
  • Assessment validation - Guided personality assessment validation for your top candidates.
  • Timeline interview - Guided interview walking through top candidates' timelines and personal priorities.
  • Reference checks - Phone conversations, attempting to go 3 levels deep, to get to know your top candidate better.



Your hiring consultant constantly monitors the postings for your job for potential talent, contacting candidates that meet your qualifications and bringing them through the hiring process. 

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In addition to monitoring job ads and contacting applicants, your hiring consultant will outbound prospect for talent by contacting at least 5 people on LinkedIn and 5 people on CareerBuilder each day.  

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Looking to fill a role that requires exceptional talent? In addition to job posting monitoring and outbound prospecting on LinkedIn/CareerBuilder, your hiring consultant will cold call through a list of talent that you provide (example: Real Estate Recruiting will provide an excel list with phone numbers and emails from Broker Metrics or ReDatum).

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Looking for something else? 

We offer a la carte services such as monthly applicant screening, stand-alone interviews, and candidate reference checks. Reach out and let us know how we can help you today!

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